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How to differentiate yourself and become a go-to brand

How to differentiate yourself and become a go-to brand

Do you have someone you follow religiously on social media, someone you connect with so much that it’s awkward to think they have literally no idea who you are?
Good, me too! There’s a business coach in LA I’ve been following for the past few months and I never miss one single post. Her business is thriving, I relate to so much that she posts about and overall I just get the best dose of business inspo by getting insights into her life and biz.
So last week, I booked a coaching call with her for an hour that cost about as much as a small dog. (it was worth it by the way)
Now, are there a lot of business coaches out there? Absolutely. Can a lot of them offer the same service and do so at a fraction of the price? You bet. Would I have booked in with anyone other than her? Not a chance.
So, why is it that certain brands and people resonate with us to our core? It could be a cult beauty product you can’t live without, a sports team you’ll always support or even your favourite local cafe that you happen to spend over $1,800 a year with on almond caps.
It’s because you have bought into their brand. It doesn’t matter what service/ product they provide, plenty of other companies can provide that same thing. And no, it’s not just about their logo either.
Because an engaging brand? One that attracts a cult like following? That brand has done the work to build a thriving community, engage with their audience and tell a meaningful story that connects and captures them.
My team and I get a lot of questions from our clients about how they too can create such a brand. And when Inside Small Business asked me to spill the beans on the process we take our clients to, we couldn’t resist!