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How to increase your social media following

How to increase your social media following

Don’t worry it’s not greedy to want more followers, more exposure and more engagement on your social media accounts. It’s only natural to want your content to reach as many people as possible. Whilst engaging with your loyal followers is important, drawing in more followers allows your business to grow rapidly and is crucial for success. But the big question is how to achieve this genuinely without turning customers away.

Don’t stress, I have found this key framework a simple way to increase your following in 3 simple steps. Yes, it really is that easy.


Step 1 – Create more Content

In order to get more followers you must produce more content. This may seem obvious but increasing your content quality and quantity is the direct way to increase online presence. Focus on main content pillars that are relevant and unique to your brand to give a clear direction everytime you post. This means that your posts will be directed through clear motives of what you want your business to reflect to consumers. For example, a content pillar could be influencer tips. Focus on three main content pillars you want to focus on this year to ensure a clear vision for your business and feed. And remember – work smart not hard! You can re-use old posts and re-purpose blogs as social media posts to get the most impact.

Step 2 – Use your hashtags 

Secondly, It is important to utilise hashtags to find other accounts to connect with based on their posts. This way you can discover new accounts and build relationships, increasing exposure and connectivity with people sharing the same interests as your brand and product. Remember – social media is a two way street and you need to engage as much as you post. What comes around goes around!

Step 3 – Join Facebook groups 

And finally join Facebook groups that your clients would be interested in to broaden your reach. Facebook groups allow businesses to become a part of an integrated community providing direct communication with clients and customers. Immersing yourself in online communities is invaluable to increase your online presence as it builds not only trust but also lasting relationships.

Overall being your unique and special self will attract people to your account. Don’t overthink it, you got this 😉

Here’s to dreaming big,

Kady x