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Nicholas Fairbairn

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With our strategic direction, we were able to guide him and help him ‘see the wood from the trees’ and identify who he wanted to help and what he could offer them.

Through our brand strategy session, we mapped out a clear plan for the brand and created unique visuals to support this refined direction. Taking inspiration from the sun and vitality of its energy, we crafted a bespoke font that depicts the flow of energy and the healing cycle. Plus, the warm colours carefully constructed a brand identity that was mutually striking yet warm and open.

Utilising their brand message, we were able to create a powerful website built for conversion, complete with captivating copywriting, custom design elements and a clear customer journey to maximise the results for this business. We had so much fun creating this wordpress site to make it fresh and simple but with a quirky attention to detail through custom icons and colourful overlays.