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Lydia Schanz

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Lydia Schanz is a Kundalini Activator and Transformation Coach. She is dedicated to empower people to find their own way to freedom and fulfillment.

Through deep energetic work and coaching she helps people to break through limiting beliefs, reconnect with their purpose and live on their terms.

Lydia approached us to create a strategic website and map out her ideal customer journey. As a deeply personal brand, Lydia found it difficult to take a step and clearly communicate what she offered to her customers (something that is all too common among business owners trying to articulate their brand’s strategy and identity themselves!).

With our expertise we created a clear customer journey that offered the right information at the right time to viewers as they navigated through the site. We advised on the page structure and information hierarchy, facilitated the website build and filled each page with strategic copywriting that perfectly embodied Lydia’s spiritual brand and tone of voice.

This website positions Lydia as a confident and authentic trusted expert, strategically leveraging her authentically to connect to her target audience. With powerful imagery combined with neutral colours that are both feminine and strong Lydia’s website represents a safe and welcoming community committed to change.