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Are you underestimating Linkedin?

Are you underestimating Linkedin?

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far and enjoying autumn. I absolutely love autumnal weather, there’s something so cosy yet refreshing about the season that I adore. Maybe it’s the fact I can walk about without a. melting or b. having to layer up with a jacket and brolly. It’s a great season to be out and about in comfort! Wow, I’m getting old.

Anywho, as the Summer was winding down, I took the opportunity to go see a movie in the outdoor cinema in Moore Park. If you haven’t been, it’s a gorgeous event in the park where hundreds of people gather to watch a movie on the big screen while lying back on cushions and enjoying wine and cheese boards.

As the movie ended and we made our way out of the venue, I took a detour to the loo and the line was about 100 people long. Typical! I did not want to que for 45 minutes to use a portaloo of all things but the car was at least a 20 minute walk and it was going to be a further 20 minute drive home from there so I didn’t have too many alternatives. After waiting for 5 minutes without moving an inch, I decided to go explore if there was anything on the other side of the park.

As I rounded the corner, I spotted a bathroom that was totally and completely empty. How had nobody else spotted this?! I was out of the venue 2 minutes later and happily on the way home.

And right now? LinkedIn is this secret empty bathroom with no que. I mean it. In a world of saturation online, LinkedIn is a breath of fresh air yet hardly anybody is taking advantage of it and using the platform well!

It’s so crazy to me that people aren’t jumping on this opportunity.

In todays video, I give you the low down on all things LI so jump on in to discover:
– why LinkedIn is the no 1 platform for organic reach
– How to easily showcase your work on hundreds of other feeds
– The biggest mistake I see when people add content
– How to get the personal/professional mix right

and much more!

So, if you want to take advantage of a platform where it’s completely free to get the exposure you’d need paid ads on the likes on Facebook? Make sure you check out todays video and get yourself onto LinkedIn – stat!

Here’s to dreaming big,

Kady x