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A revolutionary voice in self care, mihi home’s vision is to curate your home with contemporary and bespoke pieces that cultivate feelings of acceptance, positivity and warmth.

To mihi home self care is self love and every design is carefully chosen to bring a sense of wellness, light and calm into the everyday. Their range of fragrances and homewares are designed to awaken your mind, body and soul transforming any home into your personal sanctuary.

With sophisticated pieces beautifully crafted to compliment the home, the mihi brand and website needed to invoke the senses and invite escapism. We got to work to create a sophisticated brand that promoted the idea of daily rituals and a design that was contemporary and forward thinking. The elegant mix of neutral colours, balanced with earthy and cooler tones created a brand that is innovative yet calm.

“Kady Creative understands the importance of brand personality and how to communicate that through every touch point. Truly one of the best agencies in the business!” – Samantha Wills

‘I can’t thank the KC team enough for all their efforts and sheer passion in helping us build the Mihi Home brand. They pushed us to strive for more, which was very much appreciated, and I see it every time I look at what we’ve achieved together. The passion, commitment and investment in the brand and the quality of the outputs that came from our collaboration was incredible, and we’re so proud of the end results.’ - Julia, Mihi Home