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Dr Amy

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A revolutionary voice in the health and wellness space, Dr. Amy is a Functional Medical doctor, speaker, influencer and soon-to-be author.

With over 13 years experience in health and extensive training in Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Language and Environmental Health, Dr. Amy’s work is anchored in the belief that ‘health is more than medicine’. She came to us seeking guidance in crafting a brand identity and strategic website design to articulate her wealth of experience in ways that would resonate with her audience.

With our guidance, we developed a unique brand identity to showcase Dr. Amy’s revolutionary approach. As Dr. Amy’s personal journey with health has proved a driving force behind her work, we wanted her brand identity and website design to reflect her personalised, authentic approach to health and wellness. And with a book on the way, we worked alongside Dr. Amy to create an online store to boost pre-sale orders of the title.

With our strategic direction, we crafted a smart, stunning website that encapsulates the essence of Dr. Amy’s brand whilst setting her apart as an innovative leader in her field.